Beneath the Bottle

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Since experimenting with off-camera flash lighting, its all I can think about. I'm constantly thinking about light. Powers, angles, direction, gels...

I've done allot of experimenting lately with either off-camera flash from the left, right, top. Then, I started to wonder what it would be like to light an object from underneath.

I headed into the studio this weekend to give it a go. It took a little brainstorming and trial shots to get things working, but the results were pretty cool.

To warm up, I tried a couple more shots in the light box. Mmmm, Beckham. His cologne is pretty good too ;)

By placing the vodka bottle on a piece of plexiglas, I was able to lay the flash directly underneath. This first shot was taken using just one flash. While, the vodka bottle is lit by the flash, the background is lit by ambient light.

I was curious how the image would change by adding a second flash to illuminate the background.

The background in the above shot was a little overwhelming. Turning down the power on the background flash, gave these results. Which do you prefer?

After filling up one of my flash cards, I needed a break. LOL. Mmmm, I-C-E-B-E-R-G!

Lightyear = Taking it off

Sunday, January 17, 2010

... The flash that is.

Since the new year began, I've been focused on photography. More precisely off-camera lighting. This simple technique opens the door, as they say, to a whole new side of photography. With off-camera flash, your suddenly offered so many new ways to make your images more interesting.

My focus for 2010 is all about working with light. I've been experimenting in the studio lately with different lighting techniques. Filling my head with 1/4 powers and 1/2 powers, reflection / refraction, gobos and snoots. All in the name of learning to use off-camera lighting more effectively.

I love learning and no matter how experienced you are in photography, there is always something new to master. I am by no means a strobist guru, but I'm feeling more creative and confident each time I step out of the box (or in, depending on what you're working with).

The following are just a few experimental product shots using a light box. An STE2 on top of my camera, enabled me to light the objects with off-camera flash. That being said, the first item on my "gotta-have" list for 2k10 is Pocket Wizards. While the STE2 is awesome, wizards are definitely the way to go. Look out then Harry Potter!

I love how the light is reflecting through this glass bowl, showing all of its intricate detail.

...and how this spider conch shell looks like it's balancing on the spikes of its outer-shell.

Diggin' my new strap

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Simple things make me happy.

Today, I wanted to share an inexpensive piece of photo equipment that has me pretty stoked.

The Canon E1 Hand Strap attaches to the hand grip on the camera right and the bottom of the battery grip. Just as a neck strap keeps a camera attached to your neck, the hand strap keeps the camera attached to your hand. The hand strap is the way to go if 1.) you find the neck strap in the way or 2.) prefer to carry your camera body.

This piece of equipment is particularly useful if shooting in large groups or at weddings, where the chances of gettin' bumped are higher.

Very simple and relatively cheap. Happy shooting!

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