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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Deanna and Jas were married yesterday afternoon in Brown's Arm. They chose to keep things simple with a small intimate ceremony, followed by a supper with family. It was perfect! I have known them both for a few years now, so I was honored when they asked me to take a few photos for them after the ceremony.

There is one thing you just can not control on your wedding day...and that's the weather. While it rained for the better part of the day, we did sneak outside for a few poses. It was misty and wet, yet calm and beautiful. Poor Deanna. The only thing keeping her from the cold was a small black shawl and her new husband - I'm sure she didn't mind really :)

Thank you Deanna and Jas for letting me share your special day. I hope it was everything you hoped it would be. Here is a small sneak peek.

This next image is for Donna. See...Magic! *wink*


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