Wanda Lee + Chad | Central Newfoundland Wedding Photography

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It really doesn't matter to me whose getting married. I just love weddings! I love the excitement. I love the anticipation. I love watching strangers say I do. But, to witness a friend get married, adds a little something special.

I have known Wanda for approximately five years. We met at the start of my real estate career. I was the rookie and Wanda was the office administrator. We hit it off and stayed in contact even after I left to join another agency.

It was really great to witness Wanda and Chad start this new chapter. Their wedding yesterday signified the start of their "happily ever after" and I was happy to be a part of their day.

Brooklynn, the Flower Girl. Adorable?

Seeing Jessica, Wanda's daughter, help her mom get ready was really sweet.

Note to all Grooms. It's not an easy task getting into a wedding dress. Sometimes, it takes more than one try :)

In memory of her mom. The earrings pinned to the pink ribbon of Wanda's bouquet belong to her late mother, who died of breast cancer when Wanda was a teenager.

A few last minute touch-ups for the flower girl.

Benjamin, the ring bearer.

...happily ever after.

I love this shot!

The Davis family

This was too funny not to post : )

What a beautiful bride.

The Wedding Party dance.

The end of a journey

Monday, July 19, 2010

Friday marked a very important date for the Hutchinson family. At a small ceremony at the Glynmill Inn in Corner Brook, my parents, Graham and Clare {along with 28 other candidates from all over the world} were declared Canadian Citizens!

Watching them embark on this new journey and finally take their oath of citizenship to become Canadian was awesome. I was so proud to be there with them and my mum blew me away! She was asked to say a few words as a new Canadian. Not only did she impress her daughter, she had half the audience and honorary members in tears. haha.

The ceremony represented everything Canada has to offer. Multiculturalism. Freedom. Hope. Pride. Listening to Citizenship Judge, Suzanne Pinell speak about the benefits of being a Canadian, made us realize {even more} how lucky we truly are to be part of this amazing country.

It took eighteen long months to get here and it still might be British blood that runs through their veins, but in their hearts and {now} officially on paper, they are CANADIAN!

Dawn + Todd | Newfoundland Wedding Photography

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This past weekend, Dawn and Todd chose me to photograph their wedding in St. John's. This was the first of {so far} three weddings on the east coast that I will be shooting over the next year. It's very exciting - accompanied by a few butterflies - to be traveling and experimenting with new locations. I had an amazing time, and met some really great people.

Dawn and Todd were married at St. Theresa's Catholic Church on Mundy Pond Road. After the ceremony, we headed to Bowering Park. I had a little déjà vu there. The last time I walked through Bowering Park was approximately ten years ago. I was there as a photography student. It was pretty surreal to be back as a professional photographer.

After Bowering Park, Dawn and Todd showed me the way to Quidi Vidi Village. What a location!

The reception, held at the Waterford Manor, consisted of everything from chocolate covered strawberries, a personal chef and a room full of nurses! Yip, that wasn't a mistake. What do you get when you have music, alcohol and nineteen {off duty} nurses...a very wild party. Let's just say a good time was had by all ;)

Thank you Dawn and Todd once again for trusting me to capture your wedding story. Enjoy your honeymoon and this sneak peak!

Here's a little foreshadowing for ya. This is Amy {one of three flower girls } pretending to take a picture of the photographer. Little did I know then, that this would become a little game between myself and the kids at the reception.

... and this is Noah {one of three ring bearers} relaxing before the ceremony.

These kids were so cute and so well behaved.

The candy table at the reception was a big hit.

Jarrett capturing a rare moment. This is how it all started. I apologise, Dawn and Todd, in advance for all the unexpected pictures you may have of me!

The "nurses" kidnapped Todd for a secret photo shoot outside. He didn't put up much of a fight.

Dawn and her three little ladies

Dawn and her mom, Winnie kicked off the night.

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