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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I first met Mandy and Jonathan at the Old Mill in Campbellton in 2009. I believe it was around October. We met for an engagement session. It was not only my first time meeting them, but also my first time taking photos at the Old Mill. There are endless opportunities for amazing photographs at this location. I plan to return . . . many times. A few images from Mandy and Jonathan's e-session can be seen on my website under "couples in love."

It's quite possible, I was just as excited for their big day as the Bride herself. OK, Mandy may have been a little more excited. ha ha. Mandy and Jonathan were so great to work with during the e-session, I knew their wedding day would be just as much fun or more. It had to be!

Mandy and Jonathan chose to revisit the Old Mill for their wedding photos. I thought it was perfect! I honestly, couldn't wait to clue up the family and wedding party photos to get one-on-one with Mandy and Jonathan at the Old Mill. They didn't disappoint. We had such a great time. Thank you Jonathan for navigating the climb once again :) Mandy you're a trooper for doing it in heals!!

If you read my last post, you may be wondering what I will remember about Mandy and Jonathan's wedding day. Well, besides the countless fly bites - I've never seen so many - what I will remember about Saturday, July 9th is the connection I witnessed between these two love birds. I've seen it on many ceremony programs and invitations and even heard couples proclaim, "I'm marrying my best friend." I can honestly say - without a doubt - this statement is true for Mandy and  Jonathan. If I had to sum up their connection in words, this is the statement I would use. It's the sweetest thing.

Mandy has been waiting patiently for her turn on the blog. Mandy, I hope its everything you hoped for!

Mandy pinned her Grandmother's brooch to her bouquet and carried it with her all day.

Emma, the flower girl. So cute!

Mandy opening a gift from Jonathan. It was a beautiful bangle.

I love this shot of Mandy + Jonathan leaving the church as husband + wife.

I just had to feature another photo of Emma. She's just too darn cute!

Everyone loves a jump shot!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One of the things I love about weddings is that each one is different. Whether its the style of the Bride's dress or the color of her shoes, the antics of the groomsmen or the location of the wedding itself. I love photographing the details at weddings, so I'm always excited to see anything new and different.

Prior to our wedding consultation, I didn't know any of the details of Jennifer and Alastair's wedding. At our meeting, we talked about the usual: time of the ceremony, location of the ceremony, location of formal portraits, etc. Then, Jennifer announced . . . "and Alastair will be wearing a kilt." I was so excited. I had never photographed a Groom in a kilt before. Plus, we would be heading to the Grand Falls Golf Course for photos. The colors, the venue, the kilt . . . I knew it was going to be fantastic!

The kilt Alastair wore belong to his late Grandfather. I thought this was extra special. I love it when couples add special meaning to their wedding.

When I arrived on Friday and saw Jennifer's wedding gown, I was blown away. It was absolutely gorgeous. The silk fabric was covered in beautiful lace detail.

Jennifer and Alastair were married at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Grand Falls-Windsor on Friday, July 8th.

Its Scottish tradition for the Groom to pin a piece of his clan's tartan colors to the Bride's wedding dress to signify that she is now a member of his clan. I thought it was pretty neat myself!

I LOVE the Bridesmaids grey dresses and red shoes.

I know the girls are waiting to see this one! lol According to what I've been told, a "true Scotsman" doesn't wear anything under his kilt. You'll have to ask Alastair or Bridesmaid Susan ; )

Jennifer and Alastair's wedding cake was also unique. It featured four tiers of cupcakes (made by the couple) and the top layer was wedding cake. The cupcakes were served to guests after dinner.

Guests questioned why Jennifer had changed out of her wedding dress. It wasn't long before the music skipped and the couple mixed up the traditional first dance and entertained guests with a swing dance.


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