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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Besides the obvious love and happiness of the day, there is always something that stands out to me at each wedding. Whether its how calm the bride is while getting ready for the ceremony, the grooms affection for his bride or a guest I have the pleasure of chatting with, there is always something I remember. For Bryan and Suzanne's Wedding, its friendship!

Bryan and Suzanne were married on Saturday, July 2nd in Bishop's Falls. Bryan had five Groomsmen and Suzanne had five Bridesmaids and one Junior Bridesmaid, Emma. The connection between this group stood out to me. They laughed together - sometimes at each other. The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen were obviously overjoyed to be a part of Bryan and Suzanne's special day and were there to lend a hand if needed. At the reception, I was asked on various occasions by various members of the wedding party if I needed anything. They truly are a special group of people.

I was witness too two amazing connections at this wedding. The love between two people and friendship. What could be better than a fantastic wedding day and sharing it with true friends.

There were many tears on Saturday, but a whole lot of laughter as well. I end this blog entry with a line from a poem I have hanging on my office bulletin board. I think its fantastic! It says....the job of a best friend is to make you laugh until you hiccup (or wet your pants).

LOVED the lime green shoes!

This is Olive, the couples Yorkie-Poo.

Little Emma, the Junior Bridesmaid.

Bryan gave each Groomsmen a high-five as they approached the alter.

... and Suzanne and Bryan danced their way out of the ceremony as husband and wife!

Suzanne and her MOH Erica.


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