NICHOLE + AARON | {high school sweethearts}

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nichole and Aaron are high school sweethearts. They met at a dance in junior high. Nichole was thirteen. Having the same friends, they often ran into each other at parties and social events. Sparks started to fly in high school. They had been dating about a year when Aaron presented Nichole, then sixteen, with a promise ring. Nichole carried that very ring, attached to her bouquet, as she walked down the aisle to marry Aaron on August 20th.

Their ceremony was a hard one for me. Nichole told me their love story just minutes before I left for the church. Most ceremonies touch me, but watching them stand together at the alter was absolutely beautiful. I may have had a smile on my face during the whole thing. True love is magical.

I noticed during our pre-wedding photo shoot, Nichole was always smiling and laughing. She has one of those cheery, fun-lovin personalities. Aaron is kindhearted and has a quiet soul. Capturing their personalities on their wedding day was a joy for me. I wish them both years of love and happiness together.

Mrs. Noseworthy :-)

Nichole gave each of her Bridesmaids and flower girl a creatively engraved hanger with their name on it. Neat huh?

The boys . . . hanging out before the ceremony.

SHE'S GROWING UP! | {a baby year}

Friday, August 26, 2011

Do you remember this little angel?

Well...beautiful little Daria is a wee bit bigger. When Daria came into the studio for her three-month session, I could not believe how much she had changed. Watching her grow up and become a little girl, will be such a pleasure. Daria's parents have purchased the Baby Year Package, so we'll be seeing more of this little angel throughout the next few months.  Not to wish time away, but I can not wait for her 1st birthday session!

SOLEIL | {little miss sunshine in my studio}

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This little angle reminds me of sunshine. I wasn't sure how to pronounce her name at first - I've never met a Soleil before. I love unique names. So when she came into the studio with her mom and dad, I was quick to ask. For those that didn't make the connection like me, it's pronounced the same as Cirque du Soleil. From the moment I heard her name, I've thought of sunshine.

Before writing this post, I decided to google the name. Just out of curiosity. I was hoping to find a meaning. I was surprised to discover two things. One, there is an actress of the same name. And two, Soleil is french for sun! I swear I had no idea! I think it's pretty neat and I was so pleased to have "little miss sunshine" in my studio.

RIKKI + BERN | {forever thine. forever mine. forever ours}

Thursday, August 18, 2011

For Rikki and Bern's wedding on August 5th, I travelled to New Wes Valley. With Rikki's directions in hand, I found my way to Valleyfield to meet up with the girls and photograph them getting ready for the ceremony. I love the excitement and anticipation buzzing around the Bride as she prepares to meet her husband-to-be at the church. When I'm sure their were a few butterflies, Rikki showed no signs of being nervous. She was calm and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the company of her family and friends.

I left Valleyfield and drove the short distance to Brookfield to meet the boys at the church. I was a little surprised to find a nervous groom! I think a couple of the groomsmen were anxious to get the ceremony over too. Their witty jokes and nervous laughter gave it away :)

After the ceremony, we headed off to our first location for photos. We started in Brookfield at Rikki's parents house and then made a pit-stop along the coastline before heading to Hotel Gander for the reception. I love the drive along the Road to the Shore (Gander Loop). Driving along the coast, watching the waves crash, makes a nice change from a scenic drive of nothing but trees.

Rikki and Bern are a wonderful couple. They made me feel so welcome. From the moment I arrived in Valleyfield, to the moment I checked out of the hotel Saturday morning, they greeted me with a smile. Congratulations to you both! It was an honoured to photograph your special day.

You can tell, by the way Bern looks at Ricki, how deeply he cares for her.

Hmmm...I've thinking about hiring an assistant :-)


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