LIAM | {six} months

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a handsome boy! Liam's mom, Selena told me before hand that he was extremely shy around new people. I knew the moment Liam showed up at the studio and gave me that gorgeous wide-eye smile, he was going to do just fine.

I know Mom and Dad are anxiously waiting to view these images, so let's get to it...

TARA + JON | {true beauty...everywhere you look}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tara is from Summerford and Jon grew up a short distance away in Too Good Arm. I have drove through each community many times on the way to Twillingate. At our pre-wedding consultation, Jon said he would put a sign near the road on the day of the wedding to make it easier for me to find Tara. I never expected this! I thought it was fantastic and had to get a picture.

I love out-of-town weddings. The "not-knowing" is part of the adventure. When you shoot the same locations over and over, you tend to do what you've always done and what you know works. Although I try to avoid it, I'm guilty of it too. Out-of-town weddings give me the opportunity to be creative and force me to think. Where's the best light? What's the best angle? Would a shallow depth of field work best or do I want a deep focus?

I arrived in Summerford around noon and crashed (literally) in Twillingate around midnight. Yip! It was a long day, but a fantastic one! Tara and Jon's wedding has to go down (so far) as my favourite for 2011. I had such an amazing time and the scenery was a photographers dream! I'm in love with the images we captured. They not only feature a beautiful couple, but also showcase the true beauty of Newfoundland. I love being a photographer, but adventure and meeting amazing people are the reasons I love being a wedding photographer!

Tara entered the ceremony arm-in-arm with her father...

and left with her husband.

Lego cuff links!

This image just goes to show, you have to be ready for anything!

JENNIFER + MARC | {the chef and the pharmacist}

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jennifer and Marc put together a beautiful outdoor ceremony. They were married at the Riverwood Inn in Springdale on Saturday, August 27th.

The couple chose their wedding date based on the weather. They figured the weather at the end of August would be perfect - not so hot, probably overcast (love) and a slight breeze. Our Newfoundland weather offered the complete opposite! The sun was blazing (28 degrees I believe),  there wasn't a cloud in the sky and no breeze. Bright sunlight and no shade is a photographers nightmare. Having done a number of weddings in these conditions, I know a few tricks. The right equipment and camera settings is essential, but experience and knowing what works is the key. We found a couple of locations that were perfect and got amazing shots.

I had a wonderful time with Jennifer and Marc. Jennifer told me at the end of the night, spending the afternoon with me taking photos was her favourite part of the day. It was one of the best compliments I could receive. Being told I take great photos is one thing. Knowing I made the experience an enjoyable one for the newlyweds is heartwarming.

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