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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Krista and Paul were married Thanksgiving weekend. One of the things they have to be thankful for, is second chances. The first time they met didn't go as planned. Krista was invited to a party by a friend who wanted to introduced her to Paul. Another friend of Paul's had the exact same idea. Ack-ward! Not to Paul. To avoid choosing to talk to one girl instead of the other, or talking to one girl more than the other, Paul chose to ignore them both. At the end of the night, Krista had given up and headed for the door. At that last minute, Paul came through. As she was leaving, Paul introduced himself and they made plans to meet again. After their "official" first date, Krista says, they were joined at the hip. Three years later, that second chance, turned into forever.

Krista and Paul committed to love, honor an cherish each other at the monumental St. Patrick's Church in St. John's. What a beautiful church. After the ceremony, we started the formal photos segment of the day at Bowering Park. It was a tad-bit-chilly, but the light was amazing. We weren't alone at the park either. I counted at least three other wedding groups and photographers in tow. I bet they were all thinking, whose the new girl!? haha. While it would have been nice to say hello, there simply isn't enough time to stop for a chat during a wedding.

A St. John's wedding isn't a St. John's wedding without a visit to George Street. I love it down there. You can't help feel the vibe. The day ended with a dinner and dance at the Capitol Hotel. This was the third wedding I have covered in the St. John's and I look forward to many more.

The cutie in the middle, is Finnegan.


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