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Monday, November 21, 2011

Well, this is it folks. Here are the images from my last wedding of 2011. Its hard to believe after 21 weddings, its all over. People often ask if I enjoyed one wedding more than the others. I can never pick a favourite. I tend to remember favourable moments from each.

Penney and Brad's wedding is a little different. It was my last! I truly could not have asked for a sweeter couple, a better location or a more beautiful wedding to end the season. Despite the cold and wind, I was determined to enjoy my last wedding and capture amazing images for my last Bride and Groom of the year. Working with such a wonderful couple made that possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and give worthy praise to Penney and Brad for braving the cold weather.

Penney and Brad were married at the Grace United Church in Springdale on November 12th. The reception that followed was held at the Riverwood Inn.

When I met with Penney prior to the wedding, she said they wanted a few images taken in an underpass at a local park. While I was familiar with the park, I wasn't familiar with the tunnel. In unfamiliar situations, you have to plan ahead. My initial thought was to use off-camera flash fired by pocket wizards.

A photographer can carry alot of gear. Sometimes its necessary. Sometimes its not. For these next few images, I left my pocket wizards in my bag. In certain situations, its nice to use the light available to you. Although it was steel and not your typical white ceiling for bouncing, I had a feeling the tunnel would provide great light from all angles. I love how the light on Penney and Brad is soft and romantic, yet we still got the cold, dark feeling of the tunnel in the background.

We had a nice break between the ceremony and the reception. This is great for a photographer! It allows time to "play."

Once I knew we had the above image - it usually takes two or three tries to get the light just right - I decided to turn the flash away from the couple and direct it toward the nearby tree. Why not!? We didn't move from the original location. Its amazing how different your image can be by simply moving your light source.

ANNA + PATRICK | {double the cuteness}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Among other things, its been a dream of mine to photograph baby twins since opening the studio. When Anna and Patrick's momma contacted me to set up a session, I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to meet them.

I have two younger brothers and one older sister. We're all very close. My oldest brother and I are the closest in age, less than two years to be exact. We grew up together, shared the same toys and had the same group of neighbourhood friends. I think its because of our close age that I've always felt a special connection with him. Anna and Patrick reminded me of that special bond.

During our session, I noticed Anna would reach for Patrick and Patrick would turn and look for Anna. The twins are a little over nine-months old. Being brother and sister is an unbreakable bond. Being twins, makes that bond even sweeter.

Thank you so much to Susan and Tony for allowing me to photograph the twins. It was a dream come true!

EMMIE FAITH MARIE | {newborn} session

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm so pleased to feature little Miss Emmie on the blog. What a beautiful baby girl!

I think this little princess was born to be a model. Emmie was wide awake for the entire session and still allowed us to move her, pose her, and dress her up. She didn't seem to mind one bit.

Besides two very proud parents, Emmie has three older brothers to watch out for her. What a lucky little girl!

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