VICTORIA + MATT | {wedding} | may 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Victoria and Matt were married April 21st at the Trinity United Church in Botwood. I've been anxiously waiting for the newlyweds to return from their honeymoon in Jamaica, so I can show off their gorgeous wedding images.

I'm very lucky to work with amazing people. Really. I'm not just saying that because my clients will read this blog. In my ten years as a wedding photographer, I am yet to meet a "Bridezilla" or be relieved to get home from a wedding. I love what I do and the couples I work with and their loved ones make my job (if you can call it that) even more delightful. Victoria, her mom and all three of her bridesmaids made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door. Offering me homemade soup, something to drink and even my choice of music while I worked. Despite the ticking of the clock, the buzz of getting everything in order, they made time to make me feel at ease. Thank you ladies!

Victoria and Matt's ceremony was beautiful and sweet - a few giggles and of course a few tears. There are usually a few moments of silence during the ceremony. From my angle, you can often see couples unsure of where to look, what to do and wondering whose watching. Victoria and Matt spent these moments looking at each other. Matt looked at Victoria with smitten eyes and Victoria, bashfully lifting one shoulder and looked at Matt like it was the first time they met. I love the beautiful moments I have the honor of witnessing.

It was cold and wet the day before their wedding and rained the entire week after their wedding. Like the saying "rose between two thorns," we were blessed with a beautiful day for outdoor wedding pictures. It was chilly, but totally worth it.

It was the perfect day, for a perfect couple...

PARKER STYLE | {little ones} | may 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

When Parker came into the studio, I couldn't believe his enthusiasm for having his portrait taken - most four-year-old kids aren't that interested and would prefer to run around the studio and play peek-a-boo behind the backdrop. Not Parker. He was striking a pose (he had been practicing) and eager to change his shirt for the next shot. He really cracked me up. It was also Parker's idea to style his hair like a mini Mohawk. He rocked it!

I'm not a big fan of props. I prefer to keep things simple and let the little ones personality shine. Sometimes props are a distraction. A little ones personality gets hidden by their sudden concentration on their new toy. Those cute little dimples, that cheeky half smile or even the "mom, leave me alone" serious grin is lost.  

I definitely got a glimpse of Parker's personality. I hope you see it too!

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