STEPHANIE + KRISTOPHER | {wedding} | july 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

As I arrived at Stephanie's childhood home, it was unusually quiet - no cars pulling in and out of the drive, no echo of voices or roars of laughter coming from inside the house. As I opened the door, Stephanie was stood at the top of the split-entry staircase wearing skinny jeans and a white tank top with Bride-to-be printed across the front in blue letters - a souvenir from her bachelorette party. "I'm freaking out," she shouted and took a bite of dry toast. Camera still in hand, I reassured her that everything about her wedding day would be perfect and the butterflies in her stomach would fly away when she sees Kris waiting at the alter. She agreed.

The girls scurried around getting themselves ready for Stephanie and Kris's wedding ceremony. I photographed the details of their dream wedding. Stephanie continued to nibble on that same slice of dry toast before slipping into her gorgeous strapless wedding dress.

Kris grew up on his parents farm. As a young adult, he soon learned the ropes of hard work. When the opportunity came, Kris left for college - seeking a career that didn't involve harvesting crops and manual labour. One Summer, Kris returned  home to work with his father. It was during that summer that Kris fell in love with farming. When a neighbour announced he was selling his farm, Kris jumped at the opportunity. He has been joyfully harvesting crops and enjoying the fruits of his labour ever since.

He fell in love again when he met Stephanie - a quiet girl with a kind heart.

For their pre-wedding consultation, we met on their multi-acre farm in Wooddale. We piled into Kris' truck and went off-roading to check out a few locations for their post-ceremony wedding portraits. Endless lush-green fields, bales of hay and an antique John Deer to use as a prop - my head was buzzing with ideas. I was giddy. Literally. The farm setting offered so many beautiful possibilities for amazing images. All I needed was the right light.

The forecast called for sixty-percent chance of thunderstorms and showers. The morning of Stephanie and Kris' wedding was beautiful. I knew the minute I looked outside, we would have the perfect day. Dark clouds loomed over head, but we didn't see a drop of precipitation. The light was amazing and the scattered yellow flora among the rich green fields painted the perfect backdrop.

Stephanie and Kris....thank you, thank you, thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you both and your families. You are beautiful people and I wish you all the happiness you can get your hands on. Thank you Mary - Stephanie's mom - for the short chat at the end of the evening.

Stephanie rocked the wellies during picture hour!


sf August 13, 2012 at 2:20 PM  

Great photos! STEPHANIE is a beauty and Kris too! xo

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