KAYLA + JARED | {wedding} | august 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kayla is quiet, gentle and amiable. She greets you with hug and says good bye with the same gesture of kindness. Jared is tall, quiet and has the same air of kindness about him. Together, they make a very sweet couple. 
Kayla and Jared have been a together for twelve years. On Saturday, August 25th, with their children - Aiva and Skyler - by their side, Kayla and Jared became husband and wife. Skyler (nine) stood tall and proud next to his father, while Aiva (four) watched curiously as Kayla and her Bridesmaid laughed and cried while getting dressed for the ceremony.  
It was a beautiful day and an honor to share Kayla and Jared's special day amongst their family and friends. It was especially sweet to watch the couple say "I do" and commit their lives to each other in front of their two children.
Thank you to Kayla and Jared for choosing me to photograph your wedding. Thank you to Kayla's Bridesmaids, who always seem to be there behind me to hold the flowers or chase down a family member. Thank you! It was a beautiful day!

WILLIAMS | {family} | august 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

I met with the Williams Family last week at Church Road Park. It was a beautiful summer day. Kids were playing in the sand, chasing the ducks and burning off some of that endless energy. Two-year-old Autumn had the same idea.

The images of Autumn and her little sister, Kate (just five months old) are so sweet.

I love working with children. Especially toddlers. While I love setting up shots of little ones - sitting in the grass or playing with toys - my favourite images are those captured on the fly. To me, those natural expressions and adorable giggles make the best images.

I'm pretty sure, I'm going to have to order a couple of these as canvas wraps for the studio :)


We had a quick rain shower during the session...but that didn't stop Autumn from exploring.

JODI + MITCHELL | {wedding} | august 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Jodi met Mitchell, she thought he was the cutest boy in the world and expressed her feelings in writing. In a hand written note on pocket sized ruled note paper, she scribbled down all the things she loved about him and that (hopefully) one day he would notice her too. As a teenager, love is so simple. After they started dating, Jodi realized so many more little things that she loved about Mitchell and the cutest boy in the world became the man she wanted to marry.
On the morning of their wedding day, Jodi received a gift from Mitchell - one dozen red roses - and a hand written note. Perfectly folded and neatly printed on pink letter sized paper. Jodi read the note quietly and smiled, carefully holding back any tears. She took a breath and disappeared into the bedroom to slip into her wedding gown.

Here is their wedding day story...

This blue diamond ring (something blue) was a wedding gift from Mitchell. Gor-geous!

Hand blessing ceremony.

Jodi's grandparents - Reverends Lorne and Roberta Bungay - officiated the wedding ceremony. How sweet is that!

Jodi's father, George built a fishing stage for the couple's wedding. Rumor has it, he hosts a great stage party!

...and the wedding party kicked off their shoes.


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