JODI + MITCHELL | {wedding} | august 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Jodi met Mitchell, she thought he was the cutest boy in the world and expressed her feelings in writing. In a hand written note on pocket sized ruled note paper, she scribbled down all the things she loved about him and that (hopefully) one day he would notice her too. As a teenager, love is so simple. After they started dating, Jodi realized so many more little things that she loved about Mitchell and the cutest boy in the world became the man she wanted to marry.
On the morning of their wedding day, Jodi received a gift from Mitchell - one dozen red roses - and a hand written note. Perfectly folded and neatly printed on pink letter sized paper. Jodi read the note quietly and smiled, carefully holding back any tears. She took a breath and disappeared into the bedroom to slip into her wedding gown.

Here is their wedding day story...

This blue diamond ring (something blue) was a wedding gift from Mitchell. Gor-geous!

Hand blessing ceremony.

Jodi's grandparents - Reverends Lorne and Roberta Bungay - officiated the wedding ceremony. How sweet is that!

Jodi's father, George built a fishing stage for the couple's wedding. Rumor has it, he hosts a great stage party!

...and the wedding party kicked off their shoes.


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