Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Several years ago, Jamie was encouraged to move to Alberta by his friend Mark (a.k.a future Best Man). Serendipity or not, it was because of his move to Alberta he met a fun-lovin' girl who stole his heart. Jamie lived with Mark and his friend Paul (Tara's brother) for several months and even met Paul's - and Tara's - father several times when he came to visit. Then one day, Tara came to visit. The first time Tara and Jamie met is described by friends as a case of love-at-first-sight. Shortly after, Tara moved to Alberta.

Almost eight years later, Tara and Jamie tied the knot the island-way in Tara's hometown of Tilting on Fogo Island. They planned the perfect wedding and celebrated with devoted friends and family from St. John's to British Columbia - the local parish hall was chinched.

After each wedding, whether clocking the miles back home or waking up in my own bed with aching feet, I can't help but smile. Comical happenings and fleeting moments come to mind from yet another amazing day. From the Groomsmen joking around the breakfast table while enjoying a pre-wedding scoff of bacon-and-eggs to lip-gloss applications in the rain, I thoroughly enjoyed Tara and Jamie's festive Newfoundland wedding.

Fogo has a unique way of celebrating a new marriage. Local residents gather around the church and line the streets, anxiously awaiting the announcement of the most recent husband and wife. At a glimpse of the couple, they aim their shotguns into the air and fire. As part of the tradition, the Groom must fire a single shot into the air as a symbol of his new role.


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