Tuesday, July 29, 2014

As drops of luck fell intermittently outside her hotel room window, Sarah remained calm and silently hoped the rain would hold off. After all, nothing could dampen the joy she felt in her heart. For today, she would marry her best friend. Her high school sweetheart. The man of her dreams.

Michael's friends and family say he's never stuck for words. That was before he saw his beautiful bride walk toward him down the aisle. He was, for the first time, speechless. Sarah and Michael prepared their own vows. Michael was in awe as Sarah stood before him and the words he had so carefully written down on paper just wouldn't come out on cue. Michael later explained his loss for words to guests at the reception by simply saying, "Can you blame me? Seriously!? Just look at her!"

Despite those drops of luck, Sarah and Michael's wedding day was perfect in every way. Their romance is a story of true love that spans over twelve years and it was a privilege to document their first day as husband and wife. Thank you Michael + Sarah for inviting me to photograph and share in the joy of your wedding day.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

On Saturday, July 19th, in a small chapel in Stanhope overlooking the bay, Trina and Dee-Jay stood before their family and friends and promise to love, honor and cherish each other forever. 

I love summer weddings and Trina + Dee-Jay's laid-back, easy-feelin' wedding was wonderful to document. Their down-to-earth personality reflected throughout their wedding and all the detailsFrom their simple wedding invite to Trina's silver flat sandals and Dee-Jay's black leather riding boots.  Every lovely detail was simple and a perfect reflection of them. 

Trina and Dee-Jay, it was wonderful to meet you and a true honor to capture your love and the love between you and your family and friends. Thank you.


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