Friday, August 22, 2014

The day began at the Riverwood Inn in Springdale. As the warm summer sun peaked through the blinds of Stephanie's suite, she and her bridesmaids sipped fresh orange juice and prepared for a beautiful day. In an adjacent building, Matthew and his Groomsmen took turns adjusting ties and fixing cuff links while cross checking what needed to be done next before leaving for the church. Everyone was excited to witness two people they loved become husband and wife.

Stephanie and Matthew chose to get married at the Grace United Church in Springdale - the same church Stephanie's parents married many years earlier. Matthew's Uncle - Reverend Jeffro Bursey - officiated the ceremony, who also married Mathew's parents many years earlier. With both of their parents standing by their side and in front of a church filled with family and friends, Stephanie and Matthew promised to love each other for many years to come and sealed their vows with a perfect kiss.

A delicious meal was served later that day at the Riverwood Inn and celebrations continued into the night with great music, laughter and a grand finale of fireworks.

Congratulations Stephanie and Matthew. It was a pleasure to spend the day with you and your families in Springdale on Saturday. You are both wonderful and I wish you all the best for an amazing future together.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dion stood proudly and smiled a big smile as his little girl walked down the aisle. She waved a big wave to her daddy and it brought tears to Dions eyes. As Natalie walked arm-in-arm with her father - behind the cutest flower girl ever - Dion's smile got a little bigger and his eyes glistened a little brighter. There she was - his beautiful wife.

There ceremony took place at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Grand Falls-Windsor on Friday. As they stood before their family and friends, Natalie and Dion couldn't take their eyes off each other. At every opportunity during the service, Natalie and Dion would turn their heads (almost simultaneously) and smile. A sweet smile filled with pure happiness. The joy they both felt to be husband and wife was evident to everyone in the room.

Their wedding day was filled with red roses, cute smiles from the adorable flower girls and love. How perfect is that! 

Thank you Natalie and Dion for giving me the opportunity to capture your love and wedding bliss. You wedding day was spectacular.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Courtney's father paced the floor and wondered aimlessly through her childhood home wearing sunglasses to hide his emotion. It was a joyous day - his only child - his little girl - was getting married. 

As she stood in front of the mirror, Courtney's mother and maid of honor, Bridget carefully adjusted her veil, and hooked each silk button running down the back of her dress. She was ready. Ready to walk down the aisle. Ready to marry Daniel. As she walked down the stairs to meet her Bridesmaids, Courtney's father adjusted his shades.

Family and friends gathered at the Salvation Army Citadel in Triton on Saturday to witness Courtney and Daniel exchange vows and wedding bands. "Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years...." As the beautiful words of Christina Perri's song, A Thousand Years, echoed through the chapel, Courtney and Daniel promised to love each other for a thousand more. They took each other's hand and danced out of the church as husband and wife while Courtney's father took out his sunglasses to hide his emotion. As the newlyweds greeted their guests, Courtney's father look on with a smile. His little girl...was married.

Courtney and Daniel, your love is a breath of fresh air and it was a joy to capture your love story in images you can cherish for a thousand years. Thank you. Much love and happiness.

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