Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My interest in photography started when I was sixteen. I purchased a new-to-me, full manual camera and I was hooked the moment I heard that first click of the shutter. I was in love. Like many new photographers, I quickly became frustrated. Confused. Discouraged. I read my camera manual cover-to-cover. Over-and-over. It just didn't make sense to me. Why were my photos dark, blurry, dull!? I longed to take photos like the ones in my father's National Geographic Magazines.

I was a lucky newbie. I had a photographer mentor. Someone I could go to and ask questions. His name was Dad.

My father not only laid the first brick on my path to becoming a photographer, he made me the photographer I am today. He taught me the Basics!  My father is still my photography mentor. The only difference these days...when we talk photography, I actually know what aperture means, when to use a certain f-stop or why a camera's light meter thinks snow is grey. Having my father to talk to and bounce ideas off, is something I am eternally grateful for every day.

You've all heard the misconception that owning a nice camera makes you a photographer. In reality, you have to learn the basics. If not, you'll remain in Auto Mode! Borrring!

I started hosting photography workshops in 2012. I received so many emails from people frustrated, confused and discouraged with photography - they had a nice camera, but it wasn't making them a better photographer. Teaching the Basics 4 Beginners Workshop has become one of the highlights of my photography career. I enjoy it immensely - having the opportunity to help new photographers the way my father helped me is pretty awesome. Many of the B4B attendees have even started their own photography businesses. I feel blessed to have been there to witness them fall in love with photography.

It makes me so happy to see new photographers realize it's not so hard once you know the basics!

I couldn't be more proud of the latest B4B group. All of the photos below were taken by workshop attendees. When I received these photos, I was BLOWN AWAY. Each photo was taken in manual shooting modes. For many, it was the first time working outside Auto Mode. They selected their own settings, worked their camera's light meter to create a correct exposure and made all of the decisions on depth of field and composition using techniques we discussed in class prior to the photo shoot. Again, I am BLOWN AWAY. The photos below are FANTASTIC!

I cannot wait to see more work from all of you - keep it up!

Greg Forward

Basic 4 beginners Workshop Workshop hosted by Emma Hutchinson Photography in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland

Jessica Rideout

Cristen Tizzard 

Donna McCoy

Laura Paddock

Danessa Stride

Tina Gillingham

Thank you to the following:
Models: Kelsie Luscombe, Myranda O'Keefe and Robert Rice.
Behind-the-scenes photos: Danessa Stride and Tina Gillingham.


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