Friday, August 28, 2015

Stephanie's gorgeous Alfred Angelo dress hung on the curtain rail against the blue sky. The sun shined brightly outside while the cool sea breeze blew in through the window. It was a beautiful day on Fogo Island. A perfect day for a wedding. Stephanie prepared in the small town of Seldom, while Sean waited to see his bride twenty-something kilometres away in his hometown of Tilting. 

On Saturday, August 15, Stephanie and Sean exchanged vows and rings at St. Patrick's church. As the pair left the church as husband and wife, local residents fired shot guns into the air - a long-standing wedding tradition in Tilting - while others lined the street to join in saluting the newlywed couple.

The breathtaking scenery in Tilting offered the perfect backdrop for their Newfoundland wedding. Rolling hills, rugged coastline, a myriad of fishing stages and dramatic skies - the locations for photos were endless. We took photos on many of the same rocks and fishing stages Sean would play on as a boy.

After a decade-long relationship, Stephanie and Sean planned the perfect wedding. They invited beloved family and friends from all parts of the province and beyond to Fogo Island for a full day of love, laughter and celebration. While embracing their five-month-old son, Braden, they toasted to a life of love and happiness together. 

Stephanie and Sean, Thank you for the amazing opportunity to once again photograph a wedding in the oh-so-beautiful community of Tilting, Fogo Island It was by far, a highlight of my summer.

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - photograph of Bride's shoes

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - photograph of wedding dress

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - photograph of wedding rings

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - St. Patrick's Parish Church

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - Father David Joy

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - first kiss

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - The Groom shooting a gun after the Ceremony is a Tilting wedding tradition

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island photographed by Emma Hutchinson Photography

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - photograph of Bride and Groom

Emma Hutchinson Photography photographs weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - wedding photography by Emma Hutchinson

Weddings in Tilting, Fogo Island - amazing sunset in Tilting, NL


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Irene says, they fell in love over fishing and the open water. Ken says, Irene was hooked after their first kiss. Either way, Irene + Ken have been sailing happily through life together for the past eleven years. Like two ends of a palomar knot, their love for each other is strong and reliable.

On Saturday, August 8th, Irene and Ken tied the knot at the Arts and Culture Centre in Ken's hometown of Placentia on the Avalon Peninsula. They were both excited to celebrate their love and marriage surrounded by family and friends. Irene and Ken have many nieces and nephews and it was important to them to include all of the young adults and little people in their wedding. Irene's daughter, Isla stood as maid of honor and Ken's brother, Charlie was best man. The rest of their wedding party consisted of the couple's beloved nieces and nephews - they did a fantastic job. They were all very pleased to be a part of Irene and Ken's special day.

It was an honor to witness Irene and Ken exchanged vows and begin this new chapter together as husband and wife. Their love is pure and every lasting. Irene and Ken, thank you for choosing me to document your beautiful Newfoundland wedding.

Eternity engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds wedding band

Gorgeous engagement ring and wedding bands

Placentia wedding on the Newfoundland Avalon Peninsula

wedding jewelery


Sahara, Riley and Lincolyn

Placentia Arts and Culture Centre wedding in Placentia, Newfoundland

Sahara, Emily, Riley, Lincolyn and Joseph

Candid wedding photography - bride and groom laughing.

Newfoundland wedding photography in Placentia

Placentia, Newfoundland wedding photographers

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