Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mary hung her prayer beads on the clothes line and prayed for good weather. For on this day, her daughter was getting married and she wanted nothing more than a perfect day. Michelle is the youngest of two girls. Her sister, Janet married Andrew on a beautiful sunny day in August two years ago. On the morning of Janet's wedding, Mary hung her prayer beads on the line.

As Mary and Janet gathered all of the items Michelle would need for the day, the blue sky hid behind a curtain of white clouds. Michelle was calm and worry-free. That's Michelle. She is described by family as the girl-next-door, a girl that doesn't sweat the small stuff and enjoys life. Her carefree spirit pairs perfectly with Evan's laid-back demeanor. Together they spent the last year planning their wedding and now it was time to celebrate their marriage and let things fall into place as they may.

Michelle and Evan exchanged vows at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bishop's Falls. As they said "I-do" in front of beloved family and friends, the curtain of white clouds parted to expose a beautiful blue sky. As the newly-weds stepped out of the church as husband and wife, the sun was shining brightly.

Michelle and Evan, I truly hope you are filling your suitcase with awesome memories while on your honeymoon. Thank you so much for allowing me to document your wedding day. Much Love.

Want perfect weather for your wedding day? Hang prayer beads on the cloths line.

Maggie Sottero wedding dress hanging in tree.

Bride wearing Maggie Sottero wedding dress

Bride and Groom on Bishop's Falls Trussell on their wedding day

Bride and Groom standing in alley. Urban Wedding photography.

Chruch Road Park wedding

Bride and Groom enjoying the sunset at Grand Falls Golf Club

Grand Falls Golf Club Wedding sunset

Flowers: Wishes Flowers + Gifts
Wedding Gown: Tatum's Fashions + Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Chester + Felicity
Photography: Emma Hutchinson


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