Friday, October 23, 2015

The air was filled with nervous energy and excitement. Richard stood with his back to Andrea. In just a few minutes, he would see his future wife for the first time on their wedding day. Andrea walked toward Richard slowly and reach for his shoulder. As he turned to see her, his face lit up with so much love + joy...

Andrea and Richard chose to have a first-look (when the bride and groom opt to see each other before the ceremony) and I'm so glad they did. What a beautiful moment for just the two of them on a day where most couples have hardly (if any) time alone to enjoy a quiet moment. It was beyond perfect.


Andrea and Richard love spending time together. As self-proclaimed "foodies," they spend most of their time together in the kitchen experimenting with recipes and preparing meals from scratch. Together, they have mastered the perfect recipe for love. They give. They take. They support each other's strengths and weakness with love and admiration. They have been a couple for almost 8 years. Andrea jokingly said, the theme of their wedding could easily be "it's about time." Over the years, their personalities have blended and they have become a solid team of two. Side-by-side. Best friends. Now. Then. Until forever. 

Andrea and Richard created a wedding that was the perfect blend of romance and fun - just like their love. From a first-look reaction that will make your heart melt to performing the fox trot during their first dance. Their wedding was perfect in every way.

Andrea and Richard, I adore you. You are beautiful people. Inside + out. Thank you for allowing me to capture your love in it's purest form. May you always look at each other the way you did during your first look on your wedding day.

Much love.

Grand Falls Windsor weddings photographed by Emma Hutchinson

weddings in Grand Falls Windsor - photography by Emma Hutchinson

The first look...

Andrea and Richard's first look on their wedding in Grand Falls-Windsor - wedding photography by Emma Hutchinson

...Richard's reaction is priceless!

first look reaction - photographed by Emma Hutchinson

wedding photography candid moments in between - Emma Hutchinson photography

weddings at the Grand Falls Gold Club photographed by Emma Hutchinson Photography

To add a little flare to their first dance, Andrea and Richard took dance lessons before the wedding. They danced a slow rendition of the Fox Trott to "My Love" by Paul McCartney.

Andrea and Richard dancing the fox trot during their wedding first dance at the Grand Falls Golf Club in Grand Falls Windsor

Wedding Dress: Unveiled Bridal Bouquet
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Tuxedos: Tip Top
Vintage Car: Terry O'Neil
Photography: Emma Hutchinson


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