Monday, July 25, 2016

They met shortly after she moved to the city. Crystal secured a job at a local restaurant. There she met Greg. They worked at the restaurant together and quickly became friends. Great friends. They would spend every day together. Sometimes walking aimlessly around the streets of St. John's just to spend time together.

After a year in the city, Crystal decided to move once more. She left to spend the summer in Fort McMurray with her brother. Crystal and Greg stayed in touch. While they were still "just friends", they both felt like something was missing. Each other. It wasn't long before Greg quit his job and flew to Alberta to be with Crystal. The two were officially a couple. They didn't stay in Alberta long and returned to Crystals' s hometown of Saint Albans to start their lives together. 

On December 23, the pair were heading out to meet friends. It was Crystal's birthday. As Crystal finished getting ready, Greg placed a bottle of pink champagne (Crystal's favourite) on the table and carefully tied a Christmas ornament to the bottle with the words "Will you marry me" across the front. A diamond ring hanging from the ribbon. Greg surprised Crystal as she entered the room by getting on one knee and asked her to be his wife. The pair were married on July 15th at the spectacular St. Ignatius Church in Saint Albans. 


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