Monday, September 19, 2016

As guest arrived and mingled on the lawn below, Courtney remained tucked away in the Bridal suite and laughed with her girlfriends as she prepared to marry her best friend.

Courtney and Phillip invited their closest family and friends to the Riverwood Inn in Springdale to witness their love and commitment. In a beautiful outdoor wedding on the bank of the Indian River, Courtney and Phillip promised their lives to each other. As their two families were joined, they cheered in unison.

Courtney + Phillip, thank you for the honor of documenting your love. I wish you the best as you navigate life together. One Love. M


Monday, September 5, 2016

Carolyn's mannerism is soft and gentle. Allan is funny and charismatic. She gives him a soft smile and laughs at his jokes. He adores her. It is evident to anyone lucky enough to be part of their lives, that they are perfect together.

On a beautiful day in August, Carolyn and Allan became husband and wife. As the Wedding March echoed through the church, the pair smiled and laughed as they walked arm-in-arm through a sea of family and friends. While their loved ones whispered congratulations, Allan placed his hand on Carolyn's and gently tapped it twice - a gesture as if to say, I'm here. By your side. Today, tomorrow and every day. Forever.

Their wedding day was full of love, laughter, and beautiful music. Three things that perfectly characterize Carolyn + Allan. They toasted, they danced, they celebrated being married with their closest family and friends.

"There are lots of characteristics to love about Allan. His kindness. His humor. But, there is something else that I admire about him...His love for Carolyn". While Carolyn's father spoke, Allan reached for Carolyn's hand and gently tapped it twice. 

Carolyn and Allan, it was an absolute honor to document your next chapter as a couple. I wish you more love, more laughter and endless beautiful music for years to come. One Love. M


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