Monday, October 10, 2016

After a night out on the town, Erica and her girlfriends stopped at a local restaurant for a late night snack before heading home. Erica had no idea entering that local pizza place around the corner would change the trajectory of her life forever. 

As she laughed with her girlfriends, Shane admired her smile from behind the counter. He had served Erica a few times, and each time she came into his restaurant, his desire to get to know her grew. One night, he decided to take a chance on love and found Erica on Facebook. Shane sent her a message that read: Hey, late-night-mozza-stick-eater, wanna go on a date? After consulting with her girlfriends, Erica and Shane made first-date plans. A second date led to a third and soon, the pair were making plans for the future.

Despite a small shoe mishap before the ceremony, Erica and Shane's wedding day was flawless. Together with their nine-month-old daughter, Anna, they celebrated love and new beginnings together with family and friends who were equally eager to celebrate the union of three people they adore. Thank you to each member of the wedding party for being on tap and ready to help throughout the day - much love to you. And, Thank you to Erica and Shane. I wish you a lifetime of love and late night snacks - together.



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