Friday, October 14, 2016

Jamie had dated other girls. But when Jamie introduced Jeanine, his family and friends quickly realized, there was something different about this petite brunette with joy in her name. More, precisely, there was something different about the way Jamie felt about Jeanine. It was clear to his loved ones, Jamie had found The One.

After a few years of dating, Jamie asked Jeanine to be his wife. After months of planning and choosing the perfect shade of pink and gray, Jeanine and Jamie's wedding day had finally arrived. Their wedding day was the perfect celebration of love + joy - a day to celebrate their love, but also a day to share that joy with their family and friends. It was a beautiful day for two beautiful souls.

Jamie and Jeanine, Thank You for allowing me to step into your lives and share the beautiful memories created on such a perfect day. Much Love, M.



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