Monday, November 7, 2016

The room was filled with every emotion: excitement, anticipation, wonder, happiness...Wrapped around all of those emotions like a big hug was love - a mother's love, a father's love and the love between friends. As Renée prepared to marry Michael on the morning of their wedding, she was surrounded by her closest girlfriends. All busy finding ways to help the newest Bride in their group prepare for the most amazing day.

Those same emotions floated around Renée and Michael all day. And love, love was their like a big hug. The feelings of excitement, anticipation, wonder and happiness will pop up again throughout their lives together, and love, well love will be there every day. Every minute. Every second. Sometimes in obvious ways - like a smile across the room or note left on the fridge - and sometimes hidden in the small things they will do for one another without even thinking about it.

Renée and Michael, I had the most amazing time documenting all of the love and emotions present on your wedding day. I hope you had the most unforgettable honeymoon in Bora Bora. Here's to a lifetime of memories and best of all, love. M.

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