Thursday, January 12, 2017

If anyone can handle a heavy downpour of rain on their wedding day, it's Stephanie and Ryan. She brings the sunshine and he grabs the umbrella. 

Like most couples planning the perfect wedding, Stephanie and Ryan had hoped for beautiful outdoor photos in the park and amazing light at sunset. But, heavy rain on their wedding day put a damper on our plans. And, there was no sign of it stopping. It was belting it down. But, it's on the grayest of days that true love shines brighter. Despite the rain, Stephanie and Ryan enjoyed the most amazing day, filled with joy and precious moments spent with friends and family they adore. As the rain fell, they celebrated love and laughed the day away.

A week or so after their wedding, we met again on a beautiful afternoon to capture a few outdoor photos of the newlyweds - minus the rain. It was perfect. 

Stephanie and Ryan, you are the best. It is couples like you that fill my heart with joy and make me realize how blessed I am to be a wedding photographer. Something tells me, your future will be warm like the sun and your love will stand the test of matter what the weather brings. Lots of love. M


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