When: Saturday | September 30th | 2017 | 10am - 5pm
Where: Emma Hutchinson Photography Studio, Grand Falls-Windsor
Cost: $150

This one-day workshop is perfect for anyone with a DSLR camera. The workshop focuses on camera operation outside auto mode, allowing the photographer to take full creative control. Learn features of your camera and how each plays a role in creating great photographs. 

This is an interactive workshop with a photo shoot and lots of Q + A.

  • Basic camera operation + features
  • Equipment Overview (lenses, etc.)
  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
  • How to create beautiful portraits using depth of field (blurry backgrounds)
  • How to freeze action and create interesting photos using movement
  • Understanding the Histogram
  • How to shoot in manual mode 
Camera and lens. It is recommended, you also bring your camera manual.

Snacks and beverages will be provided. And a free pen! Free pens are always good :)

Seats are limited. Workshop fee must be paid in full to reserve a seat.

To register, email info@iemmaphotographer.com 

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact me. 


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"I participated in the June 2017 B4B photography workshop and I have just one word AMAZING! Great pace, very informative and practical. She has the patience of a saint and will help until you understand. I walked in with a little knowledge and walked out feeling confident that I can do this! I will be back for a more advanced course and flash photography as well when offered! It is incredible to be able to learn from one of the industries best photographers. Can't wait for the opportunity to do it again!"
- Vicki Budgell-Chippett

"I really enjoyed every moment of the beginners class with Emma. I learned so much and she made things that sounded impossible become achievable. She has reinforced my love for photographed and I am so excited to learn more. Thank you so much, Emma."
- Robyn Pollett

"Emma is amazing...very humble and genuine. I especially enjoyed her beginner's workshop on June 3rd [2017]. Her passion for photography is evident...she is very knowledgeable and patient, willing to help and answer any questions. I highly recommend her workshop and look forward to doing another once I've mastered all she has taught me! Thanks, Emma...you are awesome!!!"
- Dana Hounsell

"Thanks Emma for a great day. I truly enjoyed the workshop and feel that I can actually take some pictures using the manual setting. You made everyone feel so comfortable and truly inspired me to go take some pictures and experiment with Aperture; ISO; [shutter] speeds and lighting. I would encourage anyone who does not understand the features of their camera to attend one of Emma's workshops. Thanks so much for the 'picture perfect day.'"
 - Lisa Loveridge

"All the thanks goes to you, Emma! Thanks so much for today! I can now move the dial on my camera out of auto mode and not be afraid! I can no wait to experiment with my new knowledge."
- Jackie LeDrew

"It was truly fantastic! I learned so very much! Can't wait to practice  and sign up for the next one!! Thank you! 
- Andrea Chris Purchase

"It was an amazing day!! I learned so much about my camera today and can't wait to take more pictures. Thank you.
- Brittany Fudge

"Thank you Emma. The course exceeded my expectations and I know what to focus on for taking pictures now. Can't wait to get outside and play with my camera again."
- Jessica Rideout

"Emma, Thank-you so much! The workshop was jam packed with in formation, tips and hands-on. I had a great weekend and learned a lot!"
- Greg Forward

"I don't think there is a manual out there that could teach me everything you did this past weekend. I now know how to take my camera out of Auto mode and feel comfortable to do so. Looking forward to using all that knowledge and taking some beautiful pictures!!"
- Donna McCoy

"For anyone wanting to learn Photography, this is the lady to learn from. She made it so easy. I started with little to no knowledge and now shooting in MANUEL mode. WOW!"
- Tina Gillingham

"I'm so much more confident in my abilities now that you have filled in the pieces to the puzzle! You're a great teacher and Iw ould recommend your workshops to anyone who wanted to learn."
- Ulanda Taylor

"I've read the manual, watched YouTube videos, and had a friend who hobbies with photography try to show me this stuff, but it's what I learned this weekend that brought it all together for me!"
- Tammy Hanlon

"Emma thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to learn from you. The workshop was excellent. As someone who has read a lot about the different aspects of photography on my own, you definitely helped me learn to use those different aspects in the correct way to produce better photos. The hands-on photo shoot was fantastic. It was great to be able to take photos along side you so that you could help us see what works, and what doesn't in photography. I definitely look forward to Part II."
- Danielle Boone

"I can not believe all of the things I learned! I finally understand my camera now, and no longer need auto mode."
- Stephanie Helen

"Thank you so much Emma! This weekend was AMAZING. It was an awesome choice for me to do this [workshop]. Totally worth it! I learned so much, and can't believe how much I really didn't know before. I will never take a picture the same again!"
- Amanda Foss

"Thank you Emma for the wonderful workshop. I now know how the different settings work and the relationship between them. How when one setting changes, it affects the rest. I know it is up to me now to continue to practice and use these skills. Again, Thank you!"
- Dan Flood

"The workshop was great. I learned so much! I can't believe I am now able to shoot in manual mode :) Looking forward to practicing my new skills so I am ready for part II. Thanks so much Emma :)
- Natasha Knight

"Thanks so much for a great workshop! I definitely won't be shooting in auto ever again! I think it went at just the right pace, I actually remember everything enough to practice it. Can't wait for the second one!"
- Pam Snow

"Just wanted to say Thanks again for hosting your workshop this weekend! The last two days have given me more information than I've gotten from any books in the last two years. The fog and confusion has finally lifted and I can't wait to put all of this knowledge to the test." 
- Kim James

"Great beginners workshop! Enjoyed it immensely! Started with little to no knowledge of how to get out of auto mode on my camera...left with exactly what I needed to know (and more) to get me well on my way to taking great photos all on my own! Loved the hands on experience on day 2! Would be more than interested in doing another workshop with you in the furture! Thanks so much Emma!!
- Angela Champion

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